INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVERS CONFERENCE – FASTEST GROWING INDIAN COMPANY EXCELLENCEAWARD Presented to Kalva bhadrayya Director Swaroop Tech Services on the occasion of National Seminar on OUTSTANDNG CONTRIBUTIONS TO NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT on 12 May, 2018, New Delhi.

During 2018-2019.

  • In May 2018: A Seminar/workshop on QbD/DOE was conducted at NATCO Pharma API R & D Units for three days with the help of SigmaTech software and after the training two licenses of SigmaTech were given.

  • In October and November 2018 : The scientists of API , R & D had done  a project  for their customer consisting of no of stages, using the software SigmaTech   under the guidance of Swaroop Tech Services Pvt.Ltd till the design space has been worked out successfully and submitted to their client. During this time I have been guiding the project from USA .

  • A demo In December 2018 and workshop in Jan 2019: The R & D In-charge of Megafine at Nasik has joined Optimus pharma at Hyderabad and asked us when I was at USA in August 2018,  to conduct the workshop on QbD /DOE at Optimus . The President of R & D Optimus Pharma had worked at Dr.Reddys lab at Hyderabad and he had worked with the help of SigmaTech  in 2005 on six projects under the guidance of Swaroiop Tech  and hence he desired to have at Optimus pharma also as he saw its advantages . In December I arrived at Hyderabad and gave them a Demo on QbD/DoE and immediately they decided to have the programme in jan 2019. From 21st Jan 2019 to 23rd Jan 2019 a three days workshop on QbD/DOE was conducted to their 21  Scientists of  R & D API Unit and given them two licences of SigmaTech software to use .

Swaroop Tech Services Pvt.Ltd has participated as Network Partner in the PAT& QbD Workshop conducted by UBM at Hyderabad The Park hotel from 21st Feb to 22nd Feb2019

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